School Philosophy

What does parent participation involve?

Under the direction of a paid professional director and teacher, parents work at the school with their children. A parent will be scheduled to work based on the number of days per week that the child attends. (For example, one-day / week enrollment means you work one day per month, a two-day / week enrollment means you work two days per month, etc.) To keep tuition affordable, we have various fundraisers.

What else should I know?

CNS is a wonderful unique experience for children and parents. With varied learning activities “disguised” as play, our children love the fun way in which they learn. Since parents, in essence, “run” the school, suggestions for activities, field trips, visitors, rules or regulations are, when appropriate, considered and incorporated. SCNS is what WE make of it – a fun, caring, learning environment for child and parent!

Being toilet trained is not a requirement for enrollment. We are leaving that important skill achievable when parents and their children are ready to do so.

Southwest Community Nursery School is an outreach of The Community Church of Brethren.